5 rules to train smarter, not harder

1. Never perform HIIT more than three times per week.
We can easily become addicted to engaging and endorphin filled high intensity training that leaves you dripping with sweat and out of breath. High Intensity Interval Training is stressful on the central nervous system, it should never be performed on back to back sessions and/or twice in a day. Ideally do not perform on back to back days and never perform more than two days in a row. By HIIT we mean bootcamps and sprint interval training.

2. Don’t perform more than four boxing sessions in a week
You can fall in love with punching, but bag work, pad work and sparring repeats the same movements over and over again. If you want to be a boxer, you are welcome to train six days per week, but integrate HIIT work for fitness and lifting for explosive power and some ‘zen time’ not everything has to be punch, punch, punch.

3. Olympic Lifting, don’t lift more than three times per week.
If you are integrating lifting into a S&C programme, then three times per week is more than enough. Try and avoid performing lifts on back to back days and monitor your performance. When lifts stop increasing, it’s a sure sign you are overtraining.

4. If training upwards of five sessions per week, ensure you incorporate a yoga session.
The one thing missing from our timetable is some zen time! If you are looking at going all-out then you need to make time for down-time. Birmingham is awash with quality yoga studio’s, integrating this with lifting, HIIT and boxing will work wonders. This will help lengthen your muscles, strengthen your core and prevent injuries.

5. Set yourself a quantifiable goal and cycle your training with mini-goals.
Goals, goals, goals. As you progress your improvements will be smaller, accept this. An example of sensible periodisation of training would be to focus on lifting and aim for a 2-5% increase on maximal weight and then focus on boxing with the aim of staring open sparring. Cycling your training with small achievable goals will work. Set yourself a small time frame 4-14 weeks and set a small achievable goal each cycle.

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