Giant Sets For Giant Boulder Shoulders

Whether you’re talking about someone “shouldering” the load, rubbing “shoulders” with the rich and famous, or having a chip on your “shoulder”, it’s obvious that shoulders make an impression that lasts.

This applies to bodybuilding, sports, or just walking into a room. If you have wide and round delts, you’ll get some attention.

If you’re someone who considers your delts a problem, then this routine may be the solution. This workout will target the front, side, and rear heads of the shoulders as well as the traps.

The great thing about this program is that it’s not only effective but efficient and convenient as well.

Weeks 1 and 5

Exercise Sets Reps
Standing Overhead Barbell Press 1 10
Alternating Standing Lateral Raise 1 10
Bent-Over Rear Lateral Raise 1 10
Behind the Back Upright Row 1 10

Weeks 2 and 6

Exercise Sets Reps
Alternating Standing Lateral Raise 1 12
Bent-Over Rear Lateral Raise 1 12
Behind the Back Upright Row 1 12
Standing Overhead Barbell Press 1 12

Weeks 3 and 7

Exercise Sets Reps
Bent-Over Rear Lateral Raise 1 15
Behind the Back Upright Row 1 15
Standing Overhead Barbell Press 1 15
Alternating Standing Lateral Raise 1 15

Weeks 4 and 8

Exercise Sets Reps
Behind the Back Upright Row 1 20
Standing Overhead Barbell Press 1 20
Alternating Standing Lateral Raise 1 20
Bent-Over Rear Lateral Raise 1 20

You should use resistance on the barbell that allows you to complete barbell exercises without having to change weight. You should also use a pair of dumbbells that you can use on both dumbbell movements. This is so you won’t have to waste time switching dumbbells or adjusting plates on a bar.

This can be a program that any lifter can perform but it would be different for a beginner than it would for an advanced lifter.

Beginners who aren’t familiar with giant sets so do only two working giant sets with two minutes rest between the giant sets. You should also warm up with one or two light sets of each movement so you’re familiar with them.

Intermediate lifters should be able to handle three giant sets with 90 seconds rest between each giant set. Perform one warm up set of each exercise in giant set fashion before beginning your work sets.

After a light warm up giant set, advanced athletes and lifters can go for four giant sets with a minute rest in between each set.

Depending on your level of experience, this workout can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes to complete so you can either train something else or get out of the gym early so you can start the all-important recovery process. After eight weeks, you should notice some significant changes that you will appreciate.

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