Who am I

Andrei Rusu

If you wish to begin a collaboration with me, it’s important to know me better since the beginning.

I love sports since I was a kid, as when I was 11, I began practicing martial arts (Qwan Ki Do), influenced by my brother who was already a veteran in this sport.
By the time, what also caught my eye was the fitness area, because I liked the idea of developing a fit body. So starting at the age 13, I began doing both sports in parallel. The first priority was the martial arts practice, for which I have gained numerous prizes:
– 5 times national champion
– 2 times 2nd place, national championship
– 4th place at an European championship
– 3rd place, national championship
– 2nd place, world championship

I started to grow more and more interested in nutrition and began to take better care of my diet in order to grow my muscular mass faster but in a healthy way, so I realized this is an entire new universe of knowledge, that applies differently from body to body.
At the age 21, I became a fitness personal trainer and started teaching what I learned myself until then, because teaching others forces you to learn even more about yourself, about the human body, and how it reacts in different situations.
After almost 3 years, in a constant process of studying the nutrition, I decided to start a business in this direction, to help more people lose weight, learn what a healthy nutrition means and forget about the cliché called ‘diet’.

This is how ‘Catering Sanatos’ (cateringsanatos.ro) was born: a service that delivers daily your meals for the whole day (3 main meals and 2 fruits as snacks). In about 3 years of activity under my supervision, we helped more than 1500 customers and we ‘burnt’ more than 10t of body fat.
As a personal trainer, more than 200 people have passed through my sessions and become healthier. More reviews and photos of the results can be seen in the dedicated section.
Now I am in London to start over again, to help even more persons obtain a fit body and a healthy lifestyle.
I trust all my knowledge gathered through all these experiences is worth sharing with people who need it.
If you think I can help you with my experience, write to me on email or via the contact form and I will be happy to help you begin the change!

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