‘Where to begin? Well, from the fact that I used to sweat even when I was putting on my shoes? Or that I couldn’t enjoy the time playing with my little girl in the park?
I was doing very well in organizing things that didn’t concern my person (office activities, plans with friends and family etc), but I had a hard time when it came to go to gym or start a diet. Of course I tries many diets that promised instant results, obviously they didn’t work or they worked for a very short time.
I realized that I haven’t put myself on the first place and I needed to make a change. I started browsing the internet and found the webpage ‘Catering Sanatos’. The message I sent them on February 6th 2017 to ask for information was the best thing I did for myself in a long time.
I started to receive their daily meals on February 13th. I had 116.7kg. A lot. 34 years, 1.60, height.
After 20 days of healthy meals, I lost 6kg. It wasn’t easy, What really helped me a lot was that the meals varied from day to day so I didn’t have the occasion to get bored with the food, and I was eager and curious to find out in the morning what I was going to eat that day. And I got rid of that annoying question, ‘What am I going to eat today?’!
In addition, Mr. Rusu took good care so that I could exercise the proper way. Even if I was grinding my teeth at every training session in the gym, while telling him that he was torturing me, I always left from the gym with a bright smile and full of energy.
What’s next? I bought a new gym bag and I’m ready to start the second month of Your trainer!
Big thank you to the entire team for all the support!’


’30 days have past since I have begun the program offered by Catering Sanatos, and 30 days since I have started training 3 times a week with Rusu Andrei. All these days I have been thinking that I took the correct decision and that I found the right man to help me fulfill the change I wished. It was tough, tougher the training than the diet, but after 30 days and 9.7kg lost, I am feeling better than ever, full of energy, no joint pains caused by overweight.
The training sessions are intense, based on the correct isolation of the muscle and on the improvement of the joints mobility. Briefly, the best decision in matters of a complete training program that helps you lose weight and exercise without hurting yourself.’


‘Everything started when, one day, I decided to apply to a kind of contest that was shared on Facebook. The contest organizer was Andrei Rusu, personal trainer, who was encouraging us to share our extra pounds in an email sent to them, and then they would choose the winner.
I applied and wrote to them, sharing with them what was my story overall, thinking that he is a stranger by he is an instructor and maybe he could help me. The days passed, and I forgot about my application. But one day I received a message right from Andrei, telling me that I won the contest of that month. It was wow, I’ve never won anything and there I was, the ‘prize winner’. We started on Monday, July 4th 2016, when I also received my first meal from Catering Sanatos, the catering business run by Andrei.
First I didn’t trusted that the food portions would be sufficient to cover my needs, but surprisingly, it was really worth it: every day the menu is diverse and you eat healthier but very consistent. After 2 days we started the training sessions at the gym and it wasn’t easy at all. Then the muscle soreness came, the pain, the cries, but I couldn’t do anything because Andrei kept yelling ‘Come on, Roxana, you can do it, COME ON, DON’T GIVE UP!’.
Today, after one month of exercise and diet, I’ve lost6kg and I gained more will and determination. Of course, I have a lot more to work, but the help received from Andrei and Catering Sanatos gave me wings and the exact impulse that I needed to start on this path.

 Now, not only am I thinner, but I’m feeling much better, I have more energy and taste for life and I enjoy more who I am. I recommend this program and Andrei Rusu with all my heart and I hope that my story will make you want to try and will give you the will to start on this road. My results so far made me reinforce my decision to continue my journey with Andrei and Catering Sanatos. THANK YOU!


‘Come on, Domnica! Come on, Domnica! Come on, Domnica!

In the last 30 years, I think nobody called my name as many times as Andrei has been doing for the last 2 months. And not because I would excel in something and he is cheering for me! Nooo, it’s the opposite.
– Come on, Domnica, don’t stop!
– Come on, Domnica, we have 2 more series!
– Come on, Domnica, a little faster!
From time to time, he changes the words:
– Get up, Domnica!
– Don’t sit, Domnica!

And Domnica, that is me, seems to find resources even when she thinks there are no more, and probably she would have stopped much more earlier before finishing the existent resources, because this ‘Come on, Domnica!’ motivates her so much, that somehow, from somewhere, she gets the needed will to do a last repetition maybe it won’t hear it again.
‘Somehow, somewhere’, because the main ‘guilty’ for the unexpected explosion of will is Andrei. Despite the fact that I cannot practice with him my negotiation skills, despite that he provokes me a physical pain that I couldn’t believe I could bear…he repeatedly makes me come back to the gym every time for a new session of best quality entertainment.
I thank him for all his patience that he shows towards me, I thank him for all the moral support that I enjoy every time and last but not least for the fact that tonight, I will look smoking hot in a stretched dress, ladies will know what I’m talking about!’

Chirita Claudia

‘Wow! THANK YOU, Andrei Rusu!

This is what I fell of telling today. I met Andrei 4-5 months ago and I can say he changed my life.
I was desperate. I had around 80-82kg and 2 years of nutritional sessions, with no results unfortunately.
Now I reached 65kg with gym sessions with personal trainer Andrei Rusu. How were the meals? I had a diet customized by him, and this with all the moral support provided by him have contributed to what I gained in this time.

Congratulations, Andrei! For the way you managed to ‘manipulate’ me, for the difficult moments in the gym when I almost abandoned, not to mention the diet! I have no words left, diversity, healthy food brought at my door and not in the last place, very good-looking meals!
Once again, THANK YOU!


After 5 months of personal trainings (2 times a week)

I used to be a, let’s say ‘quasi-sedentary’ kind of person, probably this was the cause of my lumbar discopathy that evolved much because of the 8 hours spent in the office every day.
The shock that I had when I first experienced the first lumbar crisis, and I am not even an overweight person, I actually have a good relationship with the sport activities, was immense and difficult to bear.
From questions like ‘why me?’, ‘why did it happen to me?’ to ‘I can’t do this’, ‘I’m scared’, ‘I’m afraid of the back pain’, and to numerous visits to allopaths, osteopaths, physiotherapy, acupuncture etc.
The pain began to was diminish for a while, but after a certain period of time, it seemed to become more pronounced. The cause, easy to understand, my effort in terms of movement was not sustained constantly and was not done under the guidance of a person who would supervise me and make sure the exercises were done correctly.
So I decided to look for a persona  trainer. This is how I found Andrei, with Google’s help, without any recommendation, the only information I had about him was what I found on his website.
We met, we discussed and we began the trainings.
I remember the first training session, I left more or less on my feet, I was trembling and shaking because it was extremely demanding for me, and I couldn’t stop thinking if I could make it until the end of the session. But what helped me was his encouragement and the fact that I felt he was involved and passionate about what he was doing. By passionate I mean he is also determine (and firm in his decision) to not let you give up the exercises even if you keep saying that you cannot do it anymore and that your limbs don’t listen to you anymore. The training sessions have a certain rhythm, as alert as they could be you have to respect them even if all your body is shaking, because he has his eyes on you and on the chronometer and looks after every movement to be executed correctly and completely.

In the first month, after each sessions we had twice a week, the weekends came with the well-known sore muscles; I have been warned by Mr. Instructor, but what I felt was worse than I expected.
But again, his encouragement showed me that he cares about how I felt, he is empathetic and he cares about what I eat and when I eat, always ensuring that I won’t make mistakes.
If I used to think twice before I ate something, now I’m thinking 5 times, thanks to Andrei who kept reminding me annoyingly often how important the nutrition is when you practice sports but also because I knew what was in store for me at the training sessions.
My results:
– back pains have considerably diminished
– I have a better physical condition
– The muscular tone is visibly improved- this is my husband’s opinion, I observe some changes but I am not yet fully satisfied
– I am more relaxed and optimistic, and after the session I sleep very well
– following his advices (I mean literally he suffocated me every day), I started eating the breakfast, this is a big thing for me
– Since I began the trainings, I have never felt the need for alternative procedures, I don’t feel by back frozen.

The conclusion:
I am convinced that without Andre’s help I wouldn’t have had the motivation and the results to be able to continue. The training sessions are not easy, neither is adopting a balanced diet, but the benefits are worth all the effort.
Thank you!

Mihaela B.

It’s difficult to give presents to someone who is him the one happy to give- and he does that on a daily basis, through his thoughts, advices and his support- so I said to myself that these words could be a source of joy for him.

Since a long time I’ve been feeling the need to add some words to those already spoken by his other customers, but it seems everybody is thinking the same: Andrei is a professional, Andrei doesn’t let you down, Andrei makes sure that you are OK, Andrei is a true friend.
In this crazy world in which people are only for themselves, Andrei cares, he suffers and je rejoices side by side with you, he encourages you and supports you in permanence.

Although I decided to talk about Andrei, I really need to add some words about myself here, as it seems, the body shape achieved by his customers is the best business card for Andrei.
Since July, I lost 15kg, with gym trainings and a balanced diet obviously, but a diet of which again Andrei took care, as well as of the training sessions.
I’m not sure that the weight loss is as important as the fact that I feel very good about myself (well, yeah it is!), I feel very satisfied that I’ve done all of this, that I managed to do things I never thought I could do.


I decided to go to gym for medical reasons. A doctor recommended me to exercise, another one told me that some resistance exercise won’t do me bad, so the conclusion was simple enough. Just that I was at odds with my self-motivation, and for a while I kept postponing the date to begin the training.

One day, I was having a beer with some friends when I received a business card and, although I was skeptical about the idea of a personal trainer, I said ‘why not, it’s not like I’m doing any better by myself’.


The first meeting with Andrei was as I expected, with a small exception: he wanted to know what was motivating me. That moment I realized it wasn’t going to be easy, but I thought at least one good thing would happen: I would gain an external motivation that would push me through the sessions.

And I needed it for all, from diet (giving up on beer?!) to training sessions, which at the beginning I thought they were awful (I needed a break after the first training, as I got nauseous). Despite all of this, after gym I was feeling really well, even though some parts were still hurting, but to be honest I haven’t got to exercise in the past 10 years except for the single movement I did to get up and go out for a smoke.

After several sessions I began to feel the change, I felt some more strength, some more resistance, I wasn’t dying instantly during cardio time and with each week, like he was doing on purpose, the personal trainer kept increasing the weights for some machines. On one hand it looked as if I wasn’t going to do an easy exercise, on the other hand it was a sign that there was some progress. After a couple of months, besides the progress with the weights, another side effect appeared- the abbs started to contour, probably because all the beers, the pizzas and the shawarmas that were stored in there began to fade away.

Now I can say that I’m sure without Andrei I couldn’t have done the same progress, because I lose my motivation really quickly, I leave it for tomorrow if it looks difficult, but with someone who is there to give mea small impulse when it’s the toughest time, and who knows what he’s doing, the results are visible.

I am very satisfied and happy that I got to collaborate with Andrei.


I found my match!

I strongly believe in the saying ‘Carpe diem’ and I enjoy everything life is giving me- now! Not yesterday and not tomorrow.

The worse thing is that I applied this principle in nutrition (I used to eat everything, anytime, anywhere and as much as I could). I’m not complaining about those times of food debauchery, but the lack of exercise really left its mark on me.

I’ve come to have the weight I used to have when I was pregnant in 9 months.
And what did I do? I decided to search for a gym close to my home and start exercising. No sooner said than done. The research went on for several months…during which time I found different reasons to divert the discussion from the subject (I don’t have time, it’s too far, it’s too expensive, it’s too small etc). Don’t think that I didn’t try fast diets and lightning-diets with super-guaranteed results, but the end was always the same- I was big, round and fluffy, wearing large and loose clothes. I forgot to mention that in theory I have all my homework done, while in practice…way harder.

And now the story begins…one day, I was crying over the shoulder of a girlfriend (who lost weight and was sizzling hot, beaming of energy and freshness), that I didn’t have any chance to go back to my long desired weight, when someone came to me and handed me the contact of a person who did a great job with her and a few of her friends.
Hmmm…to call or not to call? The curiosity killed the cat, so I decided to give it a go, and suddenly there I was, in front of a guy who kept bombing me with all sorts of questions to which I had to give honest, precise and quick responses. Big mistake. I got into a personal trainer who was ambitious, persistent, who was dealing with all kinds of challenges, a young man who became a fine psychologist by working with people, being able to find various methods of persuasion for everyone to reach their target.
How do we get along? Like cat and dog. I yell that I can’t do anymore, he starts to count, I say I don’t want no more, he says I had 10 seconds left…and so on. You may say that why am I still going if I don’t want to. I go because I see results, because I don’t want to give up, because the whole session is a negotiation out of which we both come out winners- him more than me (after many prayers, he finally allowed me to taste a chocolate candy, even bought by himself!).

What scares me is the fact that I began to like exercising! The diet rules are the classic ones, that everybody should know and hear everywhere in mass-media.
What can I say, be careful what you wish for, because it might actually happen!
P.S.: I know that among the wealthy people it’s a trend to have a personal trainer, but in my case it’s not the case: his price is very accessible and I’m not advertising anything!


It’s been more than one month now since I began training with Andrei. I am not an active person, I started exercising 2 years ago, with 2 sessions a week. But the exercises executed under the supervision of a trainer had the best results by now. The fact that I discovered Andrei was beyond my expectations, he is a complete professional, extremely ambitious, the kind of young man more mature than his age, and I think our lives would be better if at least a part of the young people would have his tenacity and perseverance. Working with Andrei is not an easy or comfortable thing, but it’s beneficial from all points of view.

Mihaela Aldea

Well, my story of how I lost weight begins a few years ago…since I know me, I used to be a fat person continuously trying to lose weight. My whole life I tried to follow diets but unfortunately for me, with no satisfying results.

Besides the fact that every kilo that I managed to lose through diet I was putting back again after some time, I got ill because of this. Because if a faulty diet, I even got on the surgery table. In the past 2-3 years, I wasn’t managing to lose weight at all, despite all my care for what I ate.

I wasn’t eating fat food, I wasn’t eating sugar, and I was doing sports from time to time, still my weight was always unchanged.
I got to the point where I wasn’t satisfied at all with my physical appearance, I wasn’t feeling good in my skin, with my clothes, but I also knew that I didn’t have a chance to lose weight so I got used to it.

Until I heard about Andrei from a friend of mine who also tried the experience of his services and I got surprised of her results. At first, I wasn’t sure I was really going to do this, to have a personal trainer, as I thought that it wouldn’t make any difference. Well, the difference was a big one.

I was seeing myself the worst customer of his, considering the horrible state in which he found me, with no physical condition and resistance, full of health problems, but despite all of this Andrei managed to bring me to an excellent shape.
At our first session, he asked me what I wanted from him and how much I want to lose: I wanted 10kg in 3 months. Now, after 1 month and 3 weeks since we’ve been doing the trainings, I lost 9kg. No point in counting the many sessions in which I almost passed out (because of health issues) and he still didn’t give up on me. He knew, like me as well, that we had a lot of work.

Before, throughout the day, I always felt tired and had headaches, but now I don’t feel tired at all and I feel like my body is finally starting to gain some balance.

Without Andrei I couldn’t manage to do all this. Through his constant encouraging and support, through the professionalism and seriousity of his trainings, he helped me achieve in less than 2 months what I wasn’t able to achieve in years.

But the funny thing is, I started to love going to the gym and feel the need to exercise, and the diet (which I wouldn’t call a diet but more a healthy and balanced lifestyle) had a great effect on my medical issues too.

With Andrei I learnt to fight, to not give up on my target, to discipline myself and to listen to my body and understand what it needs. I cannot express with words how much it means to me what Andrei did for me because it’s a long story in the background. I fully trust him, I follow his every word because I know I am in good hands. I can now walk on the streets without feeling awkward for the way I look, thanks to Andrei.

My birthday was a few days ago and if I didn’t thank you I will do it now: Thank you for the greatest birthday present I could ever receive!

Moiceanu Anca

My problem? Chaotic diet, sedentary lifestyle, stress.

The consequences ?! Extra pounds, disastrous general condition, lack of vitality and everything that derives from here.

Being set to change something and considering that I was aware that I wasn’t going to succeed all by myself, I started looking for a personal trainer. After a previous collaboration with another personal trainer was a failure (total incompatibility), I thought that I should give it another try and ignore the trap ‘they are all the same’ or ‘it’s not working for me’.

I found Andrei on the internet.

I went through the same steps described by his other clients and that you probably read around here: we met, after he listened to my problems he presented briefly the terms of our collaboration, we planned the schedule and we had the first training session. First session.

I don’t remember how physically painful or exhausting it really was, but I do remember that he pointed out, one by one, each and every limitation as a person, every consequences of eating unhealthy, of sedentarism and excessive smoking, so mentally it was demoralizing.

But I needed and I need Andrei for this. To show me how, to explain me why, to support me when I don’t want and to help me when I want but I can’t. Because he knows, he can and he wants it.

The results are already visible after 2 months of training: a little in the weight loss, a little physical condition, a little in how my clothes are fitting (my masseuse told me that I look more assembled, ha ha) and a lot in my state of mind. I am thinner and a lot less stressed, but more confident and motivated.

You probably learnt about him and I confirm it with all my honesty: he is a professional and won’t give up until he sees results. He loves what he’s doing and this can be easily seen in each training.

What I hold against him? First, he left me without any friends. He makes me go to sleep earlier and he totally changed my meals program. I don’t lose nights anymore with my friends and I don’t stay up for late dinners…and I think I’d actually be boring with my still water and salad.

Why I listen to him? Because I know he is right, and because I know he will try to correct in me every bad habit.

Thank you, Andrei, for your whole patience with me! I couldn’t have made a better choice!

My birthday was a few days ago and if I didn’t thank you I will do it now: Thank you for the greatest birthday present I could ever receive!

Corina Ioana

When I first found Andrei’s webpage, I wasn’t sure if I was going to start doing sports under the supervision of a personal trainer. I had no idea how it was going to be, but I knew it was time to make a decision: I would let it be, let the time change step by step all that my body meant, I would work to consolidate it.

I was convinced by the articles and the reviews found on the website. I sent him an email and we met. Since then, almost 2 months have passed and this can be seen and felt too, in the appearance and in the resistance to effort. And I’m sure it’s just the beginning.

I consider important to take care of your body not for people around you, but first for you. Beside the benefits to your health, the sports will increase your self-confidence and self-respect. And not least, the psychology has proved that persons with a pleasant appearance have more chances to succeed in their purposes that involve social interaction.

Andrei is a professional, he is very serious and determined, very focused on his purposes. Working out is not easy with him. He manages every time to take me out of my limits that I thought I had or that I was setting myself. Fortunately, I know I am on good hands, that he knows exactly until which point to insist.

For me, the fact that I chose Andrei as a personal trainer was an important step. Me, alone, I would have never reached to the results I have in just 2 months (I know it because I already tried by myself). I have only one regret: that I didn’t take pictures before and after beginning the trainings, so that I could put it on his website next to the other success stories and reviews.

Loredana Bobeica

I heard about Andre a long time ago. I saw the results of a good friend who, even if she looked good before, she now looks amazing.

With the occasion of a promo package that he launched on a website, I decided to give it a try so I called him, we met to discuss the terms of the collaboration. He created the nutrition program, we set the workout program. I I most commented the nutrition program because I was trying to reduce the animal protein from my meals and his diet was actually based on them. We discussed and I agreed to let it be like him for a month. And I did well. The nutrition program is very well balanced, 3 main courses at fixed hours and 2 snacks consisting of fruits. I think in my entire life I haven’t ate so many fruits, I think in total I had more than before! It wasn’t difficult to follow the diet, the only difficulty was to refrain from my favorite Radler in the hot summer days, but I resisted, hoping that I won’t even like it anymore in the end!

Moving on, the first workout session. After 10 minutes (we did the warm-up and a few simple exercises) I almost passed out. He had to care me to a couch where I don’t know for how long I remained. Eventually I recovered and I began to walk slowly on the treadmill. The session was already compromised. Following this event, Andrei came up with a change in the plan: we had to continue the sessions with 2 workouts outside in fresh air and 2 in the gym, every week.
From my point of view, the evolution under his supervision is phenomenal!  Even if I had awful muscle soreness and I had to hold myself against the walls to walk, I didn’t miss a single session and he didn’t spare me during the sessions, we worked at a normal pace.

I had moments when I almost cried out of frustration that I couldn’t execute some simple exercises (simple from the exterior) but Andrei was there and continuously encouraged me. Without him I wouldn’t have succeeded not even a quarter of what I did. He may seem unmerciful, but he knows you can and he helps you re-find the last piece of stamina that you thought you’ve lost. It’s like a fresh oxygen intake the fact that he is always by my side and cheers me up at every moment until the end of the session.

A month has passed and in this month I discovered muscles that I didn’t know I had.
My endurance improved, I mount 4 floors by foot without panting for breath and without holding on the banister, I am full of stamina and I can’t wait for the training sessions, although I know that afterwards there will still be some muscles rioting against it and the days that follow would be painful, but this makes me even more motivated.
Besides the endurance, there is also weigh loss! I lost 8 kg in 4 weeks and this is something, considering my condition before this, even though I didn’t use to eat unhealthy or junk good and I still couldn’t manage to lose even 2 kg by myself.
I thank Andrei for all the help!

P.S: The first Radler I will drink I will toast it to you!

Mosu Alex

Following Andrei’s request, I left here some words about what it truly means to have a personal trainer.

We met and we discussed the terms of our collaboration and what my expectations were from him. I explained that first I wanted to change my lifestyle including the way I ate (quite precarious). I have to mention that I was pretty skeptical towards this first day, as the only details I had about Andrei were the ones found on his website, nothing else. But he managed right from this ‘table talk’ to give me that small impulse of trust that it will be OK.

He explained to me very clearly that I would have 5 meals a day, 3 main courses and 2 fruits as snacks, based on my favorite foods. He said he doesn’t see the nutrition as a proper ‘diet’ (perfectly true, as I saw it has a large variety of foods), but also that I will not be allowed to consume some things like alcohol, sodas, fast food and especially sweets (this really broke my heart as I’ve been dying for sweets since I was little). Honestly, the biggest problem was to respect the hours of each meal, but else just like he said, I didn’t feel I was on a diet.
We set the goal to reach 10kg weight loss (from 79kg to 69kg) and to have around 4 workout sessions a week.

 First day of training

We began with a mild warm-up to cover the majority of joints (big plus here, I met other fitness trainers who didn’t pay attention so much to warming up the joints but only the muscle group that they were going to train that day), after which we began to train the legs. First impression I had- in this rhythm he wants to send me directly to intensive care after the session. The sessions are short, 50-90mins, but the rhythm is very alert and the breaks are extremely short.

After the first sessions I didn’t see any change. I was beginning to ask myself, was it really worth it to work that hard? The visible results came after a month, and I want to say that we already entered the 3rd month of training and I only have 2 kg to reach my target (I must add that I also have been gone to the mountains, to the seaside and the diet was a bit shaken).

You may wonder what makes Andrei so special among other trainers and why I recommend him so dearly.

First and foremost, he is very interested in knowing all the time that you respect the meals- he pays very much attention to this You have to eat each meal at its turn if you want results, because honestly he is right, a workout session without eating before is pointless. He is very persistent, even from the first session, he explained how the deal was: ‘Jokes and stories after the session’- the basic rule.
He helps you at every exercise to execute it correctly and doesn’t let you until you correct it. More important is that he forces your limits and encourages you every time he sees you can’t do it anymore, when you simply cannot execute the exercise to the end and he helps you complete the exercise and all the series. At first sessions, you may feel the urge to throw in the towel but with the time you realize that all the suffering and the teeth-grating were worth it and eventually were beneficial.
He managed to revive my motivation (which I thought I didn’t have at all) through all kinds of things let’s say interactive: he came up with Miss Squat if I arrived late at the training, if I had consumed alcohol I was forced to buy my favorite non-alcohol drink and give it to him to drink it while I had a glass of water, and last but not least, a bet that we had and that I obviously lost, to buy him a pair of boxing gloves if I didn’t reach the desired weight in a month and 2 weeks.

In conclusion, I want to re-confirm that I have never met a man as determined and motivated as Andrei Rusu is in his field.


P.S.: I didn’t forget about the gloves.:))