Cooking sessions


Have you heard until now about someone to come to your house and teach you how to cook healthy meals, make a food plan, healthy recipes and how to adopt nutrition that can help you lose weight without dieting?

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Sounds crazy no?

Now is possible!

Will be 4 sessions/ month where will learn:

  • Basic skills of cooking
  • How to create a meal plan P
  • Prepare healthy meals
  • New recipes h
  • How we can lose weight with proper meals and not dieting
  • Lots of fun

How is working?

After you buy this package you will receive an email with some questions to know a little bit more of your tastes.

After I receive back the answers I will call you to schedule the sessions and start immediately.

If I don’t like the services?

It’s not a problem, you will receive the money-back for the sessions that we didn’t do.

But please let me know your feedback because I need to improve the services.


Why working with me?

A perfect question and you will find the answer here.

What other clients say about your services?

Here are some reviews and results from my previous clients.


Because I have many requests at this moment the only time available for new clients are:

Saturday and Sunday- between 3 PM- 9 PM

Available, zones 1-3 London.

Do you have questions?

I can’t wait to hear them. I prefer to give me a text message on WhatsApp because I may not be able to answer your call because I will have a session. I’m waiting for your questions-07930304580


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