Ultimate personal trainer package


As an entrepreneur, you have to search for solutions for people’s needs.

When you combine an entrepreneur with personal trainer skills you have to create something that can really help people.

I came up with this package that is like a course about how to REINVENT yourself.

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Because we combine personal training sessions at your home with:

  • meditation sessions
  • cooking sessions
  • setting goals
  • how to create a healthy meal plan
  • you always will have someone to talk to
  • food containers
  • book planner

Why should I work with you?

Very good question. Click here to know more about me and here some reviews from my clients.

How does it work?

After you buy the package you will receive a document with a few question. After I will receive the answers I will call you and select our first meeting to plan all the sessions for one month and start the journey.

What the package contains?

  • 3 PT sessions at your home/ week
  • 3 meditation sessions/ week via zoom(10 minutes/ session)
  • 4 cooking sessions/ month
  • book planner
  • 6 food containers

If I don’t like the services?

It’s not a problem, you will receive the money-back for the sessions that we didn’t do.

But please let me know your feedback because I need to improve the services.

Because I have many requests at this moment the only time available for new clients are:

Monday-Friday- between 6 PM- 9 PM

Saturday and Sunday- between 3 PM- 9 PM

Available, zones 1-3 London.

Do you have questions?

I can’t wait to hear them. I prefer to give me a text message on WhatsApp because I may not be able to answer your call because I will have a session. I’m waiting for your questions-07930304580

Additional information


-3 PT sessions at your home/ week
-3 meditation sessions/ week via zoom(10 minutes/ session)
-4 cooking sessions/ month
book planner
-6 food containers


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