Unlimited personal trainer package

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You search for something that can help and challenge you at the same time?

Here it is!!!

As a personal trainer in the last 6 years, I saw a lot of people that buy gym subscription, session packages and they will not find the time to go or to do the sessions and they will finally lose the money, get frustrated and will not get any results.

So, I decided to create this unlimited PT sessions package where you can do as many sessions as you want/ month at the same price. In this way, you will not have any problems that you will lose money, time or get frustrated.

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It’s sound crazy, I know, you will ask something like: “I can have a daily session for one month?” and the answer is “YES!”

Will do the sessions at your home. We need just a little bit of space and that’s all, I will manage the rest of it.

That means you will save money & time because you don’t have to spend time in London’s traffic to go to a gym or money for a gym subscription & a PT.

How is working?

After you buy this package you will receive an email with some questions to know you better and create a big picture of how can I help you better.

After I receive back the answers I will call you to schedule the sessions and start immediately.

If I don’t like the services?

It’s not a problem, you will receive the money-back for the sessions that we didn’t do.

But please let me know your feedback because I need to improve the services.


Why working with me?

A perfect question and you will find the answer here.

What other clients say about your services?

Here are some reviews and results from my previous clients.


Because I have many requests at this moment the only time available for new clients are:

Monday-Friday- between 6 PM- 9 PM

Saturday and Sunday- between 3 PM- 9 PM

Available, zones 1-3 London.

Do you have questions?

I can’t wait to hear them. I prefer to give me a text message on WhatsApp because I may not be able to answer your call because I will have a session. I’m waiting for your questions-07930304580

Additional information


Yes, we have some rules :) that's why is challenging.

First, you can schedule the sessions for the first 2 weeks & at the end of these 2 weeks, you will be able to reschedule the sessions for the next 2 weeks.

You will be able to reschedule only 3 times the sessions that you already booked.

These 3 times are available for one month. So, if you finished all 3 in the first 2 weeks and on the next 2 weeks will happen again we will not do any sessions on that month and you also lose the money.

I think it's challenging enough to say "NO" to the fatigue, bad mood, soreness or other excuses that can disturb you from achieving your goal.

Let's be honest, everyone can have problems and that's why I think, 3 times/ month it's ok.


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