Who I am?

If you wish to begin a collaboration with me, I think it’s a good idea to know a few things about me since the beginning.

I’ve been loving sports since I was a kid, as when I was 11 years old I began practicing Martial Arts (Qwan Ki Do), influenced by my brother who was already a veteran in this sport.
By the time, what also caught my eye was the fitness area, because I liked the idea of developing a fit body. So starting at the age of 13, I began doing both sports in parallel. The first priority was the martial arts practice, for which I have gained numerous prizes:
– 5 times national champion
– 2 times 2nd place, national championship
– 4th place at an European championship
– 3rd place, national championship
– 2nd place, world championship

I started to grow more and more interested in nutrition and began to take better care of my diet in order to grow my muscular mass faster but in a healthy way, so I realized this is an entire new universe of knowledge, that applies differently from body to body.
At 21, I became a fitness personal trainer and started teaching what I learned myself until then, because teaching others forces you to learn even more about yourself, about the human body, and how it reacts in different situations.
After almost 3 years, in a constant process of studying the nutrition, I decided to start a business in this direction, to help more people lose weight, learn what a healthy nutrition means and forget about the cliché called ‘diet’.

This is how ‘Catering Sanatos’ (cateringsanatos.ro) was born: a service that was delivering daily meals for the whole day (3 main meals and 2 fruits as snacks). In about 3 years of activity under my supervision, we helped more than 1500 customers and we ‘burnt’ together more than 10t of body fat.
As a personal trainer, more than 200 people have passed through my sessions and become healthier. More reviews and photos of the results can be seen in the dedicated section.
Now I am in London to start over again, to help even more persons obtain a fit body and a healthy lifestyle.
I trust all my knowledge gathered through all these experiences is worth sharing with people who need it.
If you think I can help you with my experience, write me via email, the contact form or any other channel and I will be happy to help you begin the change!


We live in a world where the diplomas and certificates are very important and, to be honest, I don’t blame this. But for me, a diploma can give you just the beginning of information about an area. If you want to be an expert in that area, you have to read and research a lot, and keep going to seminars, courses, searching for opinions and the most important, practicing.

Theoretical information is good, but the practice can make you confident and help discover new pieces of information.

My certificates:

  • Fitness Instructor
  • Technician Nutritionist
  • Qwan Ki Do Instructor (Martial Arts)


Besides this, I invest my free time in reading lots of books in fitness, nutrition, motivation, but one of the most important things about me is the experience that I have with people, following a continuous activity with different types and life stories.

My Skills

Based on my experience I am confident that these are the 3 skills that made me who I am today.

Open minded
Entrepreneurial skills

Why Choose Me

Experience & knowledge

As you saw in my description, I have experience as a personal trainer, nutritionist and chef.

That’s why you don’t need to lose time & money searching for different services in this process of losing weight.


The human body is a complex machine and needs more than how to grow muscles and count calories to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

I bring together information from martial arts, fitness, nutrition, psychology, meditation, cooking, and I help you create a complex idea of how the human body works.

Teaching approach

I’m not here to sell workout programs, meal plans, diets, etc.

I don’t want to become a drug for my clients. I want them to learn more about themselves, about the self-care, to know what to do when problems strike and how important their mind and body are in this game called ’LIFE’.

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