Why work with ME?

When you are about to buy something, you often ask yourself whether you need this product/service, whether buying from this brand or if it suits you.

So I’m thinking the same in my case, that’s why I will present to you below a few reasons to work with me.

Martial arts

12 years’ experience in Martial Arts, with numerous awards. From this experience I gained discipline and motivation to exceed my limits, I saw that hard work pays great results and I learnt to pass this on to the children who attended the trainings.

Personal Trainer

6 years’ experience as a fitness personal trainer. I’ve been loving to work with people who show the will to make a change, to lose weight and transform their lifestyle in a good way; a few example cases and reviews from my clients can be seen in the Reviews section.

Nutrition Technician

4 years’ experience as a certified nutritionist, through which I helped my customers to change their diet and to make the difference between counting calories only and having good nutritious habits in the long run.


4 years’ experience as a chef in healthy nutrition only. I prefer to say healthy nutrition than diet because life needs to have good taste. If you want to lose weight in a healthy style from both mental and physical points of view, you don’t have to eat the same thing every day, you just need to learn diversity and how to give a good taste to your meals.

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